Dr. Swalander, Dr. Sperka and Dr. Ferrera are all skilled surgeons with many years of experience. Dr. Swalander even completed a surgical residency program and regularly performs specialized orthopedic and soft-tissue surgeries (see his bio under "Our Doctors"). Whether it be a mass removal, a repair of punctures or lacerations or an orthopedic surgery our skilled surgical team and surgical suite are capable of meeting your pet's surgical needs. In addition to this page please visit our Surgical FAQ's page for more details about surgery at Sierra Pet Clinic.

All pets are likely to undergo at least one surgical procedure in their lifetime. Most pets will have an elective procedure such as a spay, neuter or a dental cleaning, or they may require surgical intervention for a disease, illness or injury. With any surgical procedure we understand that your main concern is the safety and comfort of your pet. These are main concerns for us too which is why there are certain measures we take and others we recommend for your pet to keep him or her as safe and comfortable as possible and to increase the odds of a successful surgical outcome.

Pre-anesthetic blood panels are highly recommended prior to any surgical procedure requiring general anesthesia. These panels are evaluated prior to the start of anesthesia to alert us to potential problems that may not be evident on physical examination. Intravenous fluid administration is also recommended during anesthesia to help support blood pressure and organ function.

During anesthetic procedures we provide thermal support, oxygen support and close monitoring of vital parameters (heart and respiratory rates, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, end-tidal CO2). Trained technicians continually tend to your pet's needs throughout the anesthetic procedure and during recovery.

Pain Management is another integral part of surgery. Depending on the procedure this may involve pre-or post-operative analgesic injections, epidural analgesia or a local nerve block. Oral pain medications may be dispensed in order to maintain comfort levels at home. Studies have shown that actively managing pain before it becomes a problem speeds up your pet’s recovery from surgery.

Whether its a spay, a mass removal, a cruciate ligament surgery or another soft-tissue or orthopedic procedure we work hard to keep every patient safe and as comfortable as possible. For more information on surgery for your pet visit our Surgical FAQ's page.