Listed below are some of the services we offer here at Sierra Pet Clinic. Click on the headlines of each service to be directed to more information.

Wellness Exams

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Preventative medicine and healthy habits are the best ways to hedge against potentially unpleasant and costly interventions once disesases have developed.

Spay & Neuter

Help prevent pet overpopulation as well as many reproductive diseases and unintended pregnancies by getting your pet spayed or neutered.

Emergency Care

Sierra Pet Clinic is open for walk-in emergencies during our regular operating hours.


We offer recommended vaccines for your dog or cat, and also hold monthly vaccine clinics. Please refer to "Dates to Know" to see our next vaccination clinic.


The doctors at Sierra Pet Clinic are able to perform most of the surgical procedures your pet may need. If specialized surgeries are required we can help you find the right specialist.


Sierra Pet Clinic can provide your pet with a HomeAgain Microchip. 

Dental Care

Sierra Pet Clinic offers dental exams and anesthetic dental procedures. During certain days of the month we also offer non-anesthetic dental cleanings.


We utilize digital radiography for all of your pet's x-ray needs.

Laboratory Services

We offer in-house diagnostic laboratory services as well as testing through IDEXX reference labs to cover all of your dog or cat's lab needs.


We carry a full line of prescription and over-the-counter medications in our on-site pharmacy. For those of you that prefer the convenience of using the internet for your pharmacy needs click here to visit Vetsource, our competitively priced online pharmacy.